Teal Talk

Teal Talk is Mediavine’s bi-weekly Facebook Live video series hosted by Mediavine’s Director of Marketing Jenny Guy. Each episode features a guest expert or Mediavine team member to talk about issues relevant to the blogging industry.

Catch up on our Teal Talk seasons:
  • Teal Talk Season 1: Jenny Guy is joined by a variety of guests to talk about blog related topics including Pinterest, podcasting, public speaking, organization and more.
  • Teal Talk Season 2 Part 1 Recap: Various guests joined Jenny Guy, Mediavine’s Director of Marketing, in exciting conversations on how to best invest in your brand. Read the recaps of some of these Teal Talk episodes.
  • Teal Talk Season 2 Part 2 Recap: A recap of Mediavine’s educational series, Teal Talk, where many guests talk about their various expertises